testing out a new (old) lens on my 5d.. 

I spent a decent amount of time recently updating my website, re-working my raw process and generally having an overhaul. Good to do these things sometimes. Lots of new work on its way too. Outtakes:


All moved in to our new HQ - Falmouth is lovely and much exploration needs doing! There’s a really strong artistic community here, the landscape is beautiful, people are super-friendly, and money goes a lot further than in London et al. Stoked to have made the change.

a few pics from our new neighbourhood:

Dirty polaroid of the Radcliffe Camera in Oxford. I love using this camera, but it’s so unpredictable.. Plus it’s like: ‘click..that’s a quid..click..that’s another quid..’. You gets the idea. Hate to say it, but digital is so much more productive. Plus a bit of tinkering with your raw editor, and you can replicate the colour tones and densities of film to a point. Occasionally I get folks asking me how to make their digital files look less ‘digital’, so here’s a little guide to some basics:

1. Make sure pictures aren’t oversaturated. Digital pics come out of the camera looking really shite in this respect.

2. Experiment with ‘mixing’ contrasts. You want to flatten the tones of the picture enough so that you don’t have any blown-out highlights/blocked out shadows, but still give the picture enough punch that it doesn’t look dull. 

3. Try the split-toning feature in ACR. It’s meant for black and white, but it can help add hints of colour to your highlights and shadows in certain lighting conditions. 

4. Build up an eye for colour: look at stuff as a painter might, for it’s actual colour rather than the one our brain automatically thinks it is. Ask yourself, ‘is that shadow just black? Or does that person’s skin actually look more cyan in certain light?’..

5. Be careful with the hue of large areas of colour. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the fact that the camera has recorded the sky (for example) with a slight purple or green hue, so adjust accordingly. 

Hope that helps!


punt-based clusterf-k


went to a vinyl sale at Oxford town hall. lots of old men, hipsters, and amazing records. saw a 1st edition of ‘Revolver’ by The Beatles - £200 for the privilege..


saw this cool hippy car in Oxford today


Just got back from 2 weeks en France! Many experiences had and nice nosh consumed. I think we literally ate an entire town. It always amazes me how close we are to the continent, and yet it’s so very different there. And I bagged a polaroid land camera for 7 euros. I pooped a little when I stumbled upon that one. Full gallery up here: http://www.benmostyn.com/france-city-and-sea


found some bikes with nice grip tape colours

exploring our new neighbourhood + nice light