My wife Anya has set up a brand new venture - Oxford Vintage - selling quality, handpicked vintage goods. Tomorrow is the first market stall she’ll be running, so if you’re in the Oxford area, be sure to drop by the Gloucester Green antiques market between 9am and 5pm! The items for sale include: 

There’ll be a lit up ‘Oxford Vintage’ sign above our stall, so you won’t miss us.. In the meantime, here are some of my favourite photographs Anya shot for her blog - fashion abound!

Images copyright © Anya Mostyn 2012

Holla, y’all

My missus Anya has recently started a new fashion blog called Oxford Vintage - it features mini photo essays of the best dressed folks from the city of dreaming spires!

Oxford Vintage will also take the form of a market stall selling hand-picked delights from yesteryear - vintage clothes, homeware, accessories - starting on Thursday the 23rd of August, at Gloucester Green weekly antiques market. Come down and say hello if you’re in the Oxford area!

Oxford antiques market could almost pass as a Parisian equivalent, if you squint a bit..

If Bruce Springsteen and Noel Fielding had a child together, this is what he’d look like

sophisticated busker..

..experiences the joy of music

polaroid mistake/test

Anyone want to shoot some ‘roids? Polaroids, that is.